4D Workshop

4D Workshop is a structural and civil engineering consultancy that harnesses the collective capability, experience and outcome-driven approach of directors David Doolan and Rob DiBlasi, who began their professional careers together in the early nineties. Their partnership at 4D Workshop represents the culmination of more than 30 years of intense collaboration, support and trust, across all aspects of their field – project delivery, business development & marketing and business administration. Their partnership is intuitive and enduring; it enhances distinctly different yet inherently complimentary individual styles and skills to create an astute and outcome-driven combination that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Directors are supported by a dedicated, talented and experienced team of professionals with complimentary skills. The 4D Workshop team members have all worked closely under the leadership of its Senior Management Team and have a true understanding of the key values that underpin 4D Workshop’s approaches and objectives.

4D Workshop is a collaboration based on mutual respect and trust. It consolidates the unique and complementary skills of the Senior Management Team in a dynamic and creative environment characterised by early identification of key priorities in complex design and delivery processes and establishment and effective implementation of well-considered design and construction solutions.


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