4D Workshop

4D Workshop offers complete, high-quality structural engineering services, delivered with a comprehensive understanding of design, procurement, delivery and commercial considerations critical to successful overall project outcomes.

4D Workshop also provides high-level conceptual and strategic input, peer review services and value and risk management advice to assist clients with implementation of well-considered design and construction initiatives for project optimization. Tangible benefits to procurement and delivery processes through the application of 4D Workshop’s approaches, experience and capability have been readily demonstrated. 4D Workshop’s goal is to secure early engagement to deliver complete structural design, documentation and construction phase services for quality projects, with a view to maximising benefits associated with our contribution to all phases of the delivery process.

4D Workshop’s delivery philosophy embraces the latest technology and utilises the coordination, integration and information management benefits of 3D design and documentation platforms.

Our aim is to collaborate with astute Clients to provide high-quality services, tangible results and mutual success.

Our Services

Structural Design & Documentation

High-quality structural and civil engineering design and documentation services – from Concept/Town Planning, through tender and contract documentation to construction phase services, 4D Workshop provides an end-to-end service for developers and contractors.

Peer Review & Value Engineering

Peer review, assistance with procurement and implementation of alternative design concepts and construction strategies. 4D Workshop draws upon extensive delivery experience to provide an objective and integrated overview of project-specific design and construction logistics parameters. The primary objective is to proactively assist clients to realise successful outcomes through identification of key opportunities, risks and constraints and establishment of effective and achievable design, procurement and delivery strategies.

Construction Logistics & Temporary Works

Construction logistics, materials handling, demolition, buildability, and staging/sequencing advice – cranes, temporary propping, formwork, jumpform systems, scaffolding, screens, protection decks and gantries. 4D Workshop uses the extensive construction experience of our directors to provide builders with effective construction strategies and design and documentation services for key temporary works components.

Design Management

Provision of well considered, objective and strategic support services to assist developers and contractors with implementation of key value management initiatives and optimization of design and construction outcomes.

Client Representation / Tenancy Advice

Feasibility input, conceptual and detailed design and documentation, Client / Tenant representation and peer review services. With over 30 years of experience each in the property and construction industry and a comprehensive understanding of key contractual and commercial environments, 4D Workshop’s directors offer objective, practical and well-considered solutions and advice for effective outcomes in complex integrated fitout scenarios.

Structural Certification

4D Workshop also provides structural certification services (BCA Regulation 126 “Certificate of Compliance – Design”) for key Clients on selected projects, in particular those with a high degree of complexity or risk.

Our Process

Early Identification

Early identification of design issues, dissemination of this information to the team to mitigate design risk.


Investigation of structural options and ongoing refinement of appropriate structural solutions.

Construction Methodology 

We recognize that construction methodology is often a significant factor in determining optimal design solutions for critical project components and draw upon extensive construction experience to evaluate and integrate well-considered methodology parameters during the design phase and, in doing so, “de-risk” procurement and delivery processes, for both developers and builders. 


Our Senior Management Team provides general assistance and leadership where it is valued in areas within our spheres of knowledge but outside of our typical scope.

BIM Modelling 

BIM modelling, structural model accuracy and model sharing. If it’s in our model, it’s accurate and accessible to the overall benefit of the project.

We have expanded our modelling systems to include additional valuable information and to proactively assist the project team with complementary services to improve design and delivery outcomes. These initiatives include:

Quantities: Integration of structural material quantity attributes in our models to assist Quantity Surveyors with expedition and refinement of material take-offs and facilitate progressive monitoring and reconciliation of structural quantities throughout the delivery process.

4D Modelling: Integration of detailed program input parameters in our models to provide real-time representation of key construction activities and sequences and testing and validation of critical program assumptions.

3D Animation & Visualization: Powerful graphical representation of construction methodology, sequences and staging, in the context of critical contractual requirements and deliverables (contractual milestones, staged hand-over, integration of separable portions, etc.).    

Structural Materials Tracking 

We provide the opportunity to assist the project with structural materials tracking through BIM modelling and post processing methods. This can be a useful tool for tracking structural materials and its embodied carbon. 


4D Workshop’s approach to project delivery is holistic, and while our primary field of expertise remains structural engineering, we also offer valuable high-level input to many other important aspects of design and delivery processes. This input is drawn from extensive experience in the successful delivery of significant projects. Our proactive, informed and diligent approach evaluates and challenges key design and development parameters every step of the way, with the primary objective the optimization of global project outcomes – from functional, commercial and design integrity perspectives.