Sean Morrison

Senior BIM Modeller

With over 25 years’ experience Sean is a highly skilled member of the 4D Workshop BIM modelling team. Sean has a wealth of experience after previous stints in Melbourne, Brisbane and London working in different market sectors.

Sean takes pride in his work which reflects in the quality of documentation he produces. Combining that eye for detail, Revit knowledge, experience and passion for living and breathing the projects he’s involved in allows Sean to add value as a lead modeller across any project.


What’s your ideal way to begin a Sunday?

Something outdoors. Be that riding some trails on my mountain bike, walking the dog, or digging around the garden with my kids, weekends are for getting some fresh air.

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to?

Japan. I've been lucky enough to travel many destinations, but Japan really has a lot packed into a small country. From the crazy neon lit streets of Tokyo to the serene National Parks and temples, from ramen restaurants to the standing only back-street bars, the history and culture, there's really a heap to discover.

Do you have any pets?

A Golden Retriever, Max.

Are you a coffee or tea person?

Definitely a strong coffee is required to start the morning

Have you ever met anyone famous?

The Hoff!' David Hasselhoff was the brunt of many a in-joke between friends, and when he had a book signing at a nearby London bookstore, I couldn't refuse. But then when it came my turn, the camera packed it in and my friends never believed me!

Do you have any hobbies?

Mountain bikes, Snow boarding/ skiing and photography

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