Vince De Stefano

Associate Director

Vince has been part of the 4D team for more than 10 years and has worked with Rob and Dave for almost 20 years. After starting his career in the high-pressure environment of the Melbourne Convention Centre Development Vince has led a broad range of projects with various complexity and scale.

Vince is a great problem solver. His diligent and confident approach, coupled with his outstanding technical capability enable him to work collaboratively and provide an effective contribution through all project phases.

Vince has been an integral team member in many significant projects including Collins House, Collins Arch, 435 Bourke Street and the Wurriki Nyal Civic Precinct. Vince also has extensive experience with residential projects, build to rent, commercial tenancy fit outs, heritage and building refurbishments.


Why did you study engineering?

I've always been fascinated with the built environment, how things work and how things go together. I love to problem solve and look at a problem from different perspectives to find a solution. Becoming an Engineer was inevitable

What can you not do without?

My morning coffee

What’s your favourite movie genre?

Science fiction

What’s your favourite holiday?

This is a tie between driving the west coast of Australia and walking 170km around Mt Blanc

Do you have any hobbies? 

I love to tinker in the shed, I'll try my hand at almost anything from building the dining room table to the kids cubby

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